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SIV-Kurs - Notfallschirm in Ibarra, Ecuador

Learn from the best!
If you want to learn more about Acro paragliding why not take a course with Fly Adventure. Our instructor Lucho is currently No.1 in the South American Acrobatic Ranking!

Since 1997 Lucho has been a dedicated Instructor, teaching from beginner right through to SIV and Acro training. Every year he travels to compete around the world including well known events such as Acro Arica (in Chile) and Acrolatino (in Ecuador).

The instruction is tailored to suit individual students depending on their level of experience. As a general guide, there are 3 levels in Acro Training:

Level 1: Initiation
A pilot who is starting to perform their first acrobatic manoeuvres: Collapses, Negative, Flyback, Dolphins, Wing Overs, Asymmetricals, SAT.

Level 2: Intermediate
A pilot who controls the basic manoeuvres and can perform some of the more advanced manoeuvres (although they may not be completely controlled): Asymmetricals, Looping, helicopters, Mc Twist, SAT Asymmetrical.

Level 3: Advanced
A pilot who can control any of the previous manoeuvres and can perform (although they may not be completely controlled) the rest of the manoeuvres: Tumbling, Rhythmic SAT, Misty Flip, Mc Twist, and the combinations.

Please contact us for more information about Acro Training!

SIV-Kurs - Notfallschirm in Ibarra, Ecuador

SIV-Kurs - Notfallschirm in Ibarra, Ecuador